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KG SDK: KLab's Software Development Kit for Mobile Games

The KG SDK was designed to make life easier for engineers. This software development kit offers easy access to all of the functions required for creating any kind of game. The KG SDK's library contains all the basic functions required when developing games. Utilizing this tool reduces both time and costs for the development process, eliminating the need for redundant functions and allowing developers to focus on creating functions unique to new games. By using the library, game designers can expect shortened schedules, reduced costs, and improved quality control throughout the game development process.

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Major Features


DSAS, the managed hosting service for large-scale heavy load websites

DSAS is an integrated solution for system infrastructures containing front end and back end capabilities for web and app services. Designed for PCs and smartphones, this hosting service was developed based on KLab's wealth of knowledge and expertise acquired in the gaming industry.

For many years, DSAS has served as the primary hosting system to manage the multitude of games and services provided by KLab. After going through various iterations, this service has evolved to deliver stabilized quality for top-tier performance. The DSAS data centers play a vital role in managing the high-load servers used for running KLab's online mobile and browser games such as Love Live! School Idol Festival and Bleach: Brave Souls.

DSAS helps to significantly reduce initial costs, shorten the duration required for new releases, and minimize operating costs for the infrastructures. KLab's business partners have the option to implement DSAS as part of their business via KLab's Publishing Business.

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Features of DSAS


AccelTCP, software that speeds up connections with overseas servers by over 50%

Designed for long-distance networks with significant communication delays, AccelTCP is proxy-based software designed to accelerate TCP connections. By utilizing the systems in the data centers located in Japan, this software has been proven effective in delivering mobile games to gamers in other countries with consistent quality.

Upon analyzing the in-game traffic of previously-developed games, engineers at KLab designed AccelTCP to deliver optimized server performance even during high-load conditions. This property has helped to shorten in-game waiting time by over 50%.

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EMLauncher, the test app launching tool for iOS and Android™

The EMLauncher is a test app launching tool designed for iOS and Android™ devices. At KLab, the test apps designed by the engineers are shared in-house to enhance quality and increase the overall efficiency of the app development process. Though test app launching services are normally provided by third parties, there are various problems associated with the disclosure of test app information:

  • Managing test app accounts takes time and resources.
  • Providing third parties with information related to pre-released test apps may lead to intellectual property leaks.
  • Third party services may have limitations on usable file extensions due to antivirus measures.

In addition to alleviating the issues listed above, the EMLaucher also allows engineers to share apps more efficiently and use in-house servers to manage the test apps.

The EMLauncher, made accessible to all of the employees in the company, is currently being used to manage all the test apps developed at KLab. The implementation of the EMLauncher has helped to promote interdepartmental communication, increase the efficiency of the game development process, and more importantly, improve the quality of the apps provided by the company.

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Playground, the game engine developed by KLab

The development of Playground started as an individual project led by an in-house engineer who wanted to design a platform for creating high-speed, 2D smartphone games utilizing simple API sets. Through the in-house Doburoku System*, this project evolved into one of the most practical inventions in the company.
* Employees may use up to 10% of their regular working hours to conduct research and pursue their interests without obtaining permission from supervisors. This system aims to present employees with the opportunity to take initiative to generate new ideas for the next leading innovation.

Ever since the company was founded, KLab has relied on a variety of open source software for developing and operating infrastructures to deliver high-quality services at minimized costs. In addition to acquiring information from open source communities, KLab has strived to pass on as much information and source code as possible to the communities involved. Being an open source game engine, feedback provided by game developers from around the world is anticipated to enhance both the quality and functionality of Playground. KLab has opted to proceed with open source development as a competitive strategy and as a means to further fuel technological advancements.

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