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Technological Advances

KLab works hard to stay on the cutting edge of technology. Employees are provided with opportunities to give presentations, and hold discussions based on findings from their latest tech-based research. Moreover, KLab employees take part in various lectures and workshops organized by other companies in the IT industry. By interacting with other professionals and pooling their knowledge through collaborative events, KLab is contributing to the advancement of technologies governing the world of online mobile games.

In-House Game Jam

The In-House Game Jam is an event voluntarily organized by employees with a passion for game design. Held on weekends and holidays in the company's conference rooms, this event was originally proposed to promote interdepartmental communication among other members in the company who share the same interest for game design. During the event, participants work in teams to develop their own games based on the selected game theme. Though the event is only two days long, participants get to experience the main phases in the game design process, namely the planning, designing, and demo stages.

In-House Game Jam

Over ten games have been developed since the event began in 2014, and all employees, regardless of business specialization or level of expertise, are welcome to join this event.

All Layer Meeting (ALM)

The All Layer Meeting (ALM) is a presentation-based event intended for engineers to share their knowledge on the latest game-related technology with other members in the company.

As this event is designed to promote personal growth, participation is on a voluntary basis. During the event, each participant takes five minutes or a 30-minute time slot to give a presentation on a topic of their choice, and discuss the results of the experiments with other engineers.

All Layer Meeting

KLab has also established an in-house "Tech Community." The efforts listed above collectively, help to promote an environment where the engineers have numerous chances to interact with one another, acquire new skills, and transform their technological expertise into the next revolutionary invention.

Collaborative Lectures and Workshops

This section highlights the lectures and workshops organized by KLab.

Recent Lectures

Load Management Strategies for Online Mobile Games Using LAMP: Balancing Apps and Infrastructures

All online mobile games require load balancing systems. The engineers at KLab gave a presentation on LAMP's load balancing and management capabilities. Presentation materials are provided below.

Collaborative Lectures and Workshops

Recent Workshops

KLab's Workshop Report with IBM Research-Tokyo

Members from IBM Research were invited to take part in the presentations organized by the engineers at KLab. Topics covered included Bazaar (bzr), the version control system, and the operating principles and authentication methods for mod_auth_form which can be done with Apache2.3

KLab's Workshop Report with IBM Research-Tokyo 1
KLab's Workshop Report with IBM Research-Tokyo 2

KLab's Workshop with Amazon Web Services

In addition to providing KLab with a general overview of the NoSQL, members of Amazon Web Services went over the methods involved in developing agile infrastructures using AWS, and delivered a presentation on the load balancing technology of the DSAS Hosting for Social Games.

KLab's Workshop with Amazon Web Services 1
KLab's Workshop with Amazon Web Services 2