「CLASSIC ROCK AWARDS」今後の開催に関する大切なお知らせ

KLab Entertainment Inc.
February 17, 2017

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who attended the Classic Rock Awards 2016 + Live Performance held on November 11, 2016.

KLab Entertainment would like to share how we arrived at the unfortunate conclusion that we have no choice but to discontinue holding future Classic Rock Awards events.

The circumstances leading up to this conclusion are as follows.

On December 20, 2016, there were reports that TeamRock, one of the three hosts of the Classic Rock Awards 2016, had fallen into financial difficulties and entered into Administration.

TeamRock was the original host of the Classic Rock Awards, an award show linked with the music magazine Classic Rock, which was published by the same company. The company had held the event in years past in the United Kingdom. TeamRock was also the owner of the Classic Rock Awards brand and event hosting rights.

As stated in our press release on December 28 of last year, we were faced with the unfortunate fact that TeamRock, who had played such an important role in the Classic Rock Awards, had gone into bankruptcy. We were also faced with the challenge of finding a way to be able to host future Classic Rock Awards in Tokyo. As such, we discussed several solutions and made multiple efforts in order to achieve this goal.

However, the following circumstances made it clear that KLab Entertainment and Parallel Contemporary Music, two of the three hosts of the Classic Rock Awards 2016, needed first to work with the Administrators in order to gain the rights to the Classic Rock Awards brand and the rights to hold the event itself all over again.

1. The contract KLab Entertainment had signed with TeamRock gave us the rights to hold the Classic Rock Awards in Tokyo for three years. When TeamRock went bankrupt and entered into Administration, these rights were rendered null and void.

2. All of TeamRock’s assets, including the rights to the Classic Rock Awards brand and the rights to hold the event, along with Classic Rock and the other magazines published by the company, were handed over to the Administration to be dealt with according to law.

In order to make 2017’s event a reality, we began negotiating with the Administrators in order to acquire these rights. However, all of TeamRock’s assets were auctioned off by the Administrators. These assets were awarded to Future plc., the former owners of Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, and other magazines previously published by TeamRock, as decided by the Administration.*

As an unfortunate result, we are no longer able to host future Classic Rock Awards events.

*Further details can be found on TeamRock’s website.

Concerning Refunds for Ticket Prices and Special Offers for 2017’s Event

Refunds for ticket prices were offered to concert-goers who were in any way disappointed with the Classic Rock Awards 2016. Please rest assured that KLab Entertainment will take full responsibility for handling these refunds, and everyone entitled to a refund will receive it.

However, concerning the special offers for 2017’s Classic Rock Awards event, as stated in the reasons above, it is no longer possible for us to host the Classic Rock Awards.

We would like to offer our deepest apologies to everyone who was looking forward to this year’s event.

In closing, we would like to take this opportunity to once again express our deepest gratitude to all the rock fans who attended last year’s event in Tokyo, the participating artists, and everyone who poured their efforts into making the Classic Rock Awards 2016 possible.



「CLASSIC ROCK AWARDS」今後の開催に関する大切なお知らせ

KLab Entertainment株式会社

2016年11月11日に開催いたしました「THE CLASSIC ROCK AWARDS 2016 + LIVE PERFORMANCE」(以下「本イベント」)にご来場いただきまして、誠にありがとうございました。

この度、KLab Entertainment社(以下「KE」)は、本イベントの次回以降の開催を中止せざるを得ないとの結論に至りましたことをお知らせいたします。



TRは、同社が出版する音楽情報誌「Classic Rock」と連動したアワードである「CLASSIC ROCK AWARDS」(以下「CRA」)の英国での主催者であり、CRAのブランドや開催権の原所有者であります。

2016年12年28日に発表させていただきましたプレスリリースの通り、こうした重要な役割を果たしてきたTRが倒産するという事態を受け、本イベントの主催3社のうちの2社であるKEおよびParallel Contemporary Music社は、今後のCRAの東京での開催を継続できる方法がないかを模索すべく、様々な検討や努力を重ねてまいりました。


1. KEがTRから取得していた3年間のCRAの東京での開催権に関する契約は、TRの倒産および更生管財手続に入ったことに伴って無効なものとなってしまったこと

2. 「Classic Rock」などの雑誌はもちろんのこと、CRAというブランドやイベントの開催権を含むあらゆる資産が、法律に従い管財手続の対象となってしまったこと


その実現をすべく、管財人との交渉などの努力を進めてまいりましたが、管財人による競売の結果、TRが出版する雑誌「Classic Rock」や「Metal Hammer」のTRの前のオーナー企業であったFuture plc社が取得することが決定されました。(※)





CRA2017の開催時の優待につきましては、 上記のような理由から、その開催が不可能となりました。



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