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Action-Packed Airship Armada Battle Game KLab Games

Celestial Craft Fleet

Customize your ship and venture into the endless skies. Partake in intense armada battles with an easy-to-control gameplay system. Collaborate with guild members to win back the forgotten skies.

Missions Featuring Thrilling Battles with Easy Controls

Follow the simple game controls and begin your journey through the clouds. Use swiping motions to take down targets and other cruisers. Enhance your airship's firepower by leveling up crew members.

Intensive Multiplayer Armada Battles

Hosted twice a day, players can engage in 20 versus 20 armada battles. Form powerful airship fleets with other players to participate in large-scale in-flight battles.

Customizable Airships

With over 10 billion combinations of customizable options possible, players can choose from up to 40 different types of ships, 9 pieces of equipment, and over 500 airship parts to create their very own battle cruiser.

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How to Download the App (Japan Only)

appstoreFor iOS Users
  1. Click the icon below to download the app.
    (Supported OS: iOS 7.0 +)
App Store_Celestial Craft Fleet(Japanese ver.)

  roidFor Android™ Users
  1. Click the icon below to download the app.
    (Supported OS: Android™ 4.0 +)
Google Play_Celestial Craft Fleet(Japanese ver.)

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Celestial Craft Fleet

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