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The Full-Scale 3D Hack-and-Slash Action Game KLab Games


Bleach's first smartphone game is now out! Watch as the all-stars from the series, Ichigo, Rukia, Byakuya, Grimmjow, and Ulquiorra come together in the game. Choose your favorites and build a team that suits your fighting style.


Dynamic 3D Action Scenes

Fight your way through the game with the easy controls. Enjoy exhilarating battle scenes as you slash your opponents in the fray. Command your characters to use their epic special moves to re-enact your favorite scenes from the anime series.

Level Up Your Characters

Select from Level Up, Soul Tree, and Ascend to power up the character of your choice. Character customization options are endless with the Character Link command. Use this command to impart unique attributes from other characters to the main character.

Fierce Ranking Battles

Test your team against other players in weekly ranking battles. Your choice of tactics is critical. Battle your way to reach the top of the League.

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How to Download the App

appstoreFor iOS Users
  1. Click the icon below to download the app.
    (Supported OS: iOS 7.0 +)
App Store_Bleach Brave Souls(Japanese ver.)

  roidFor Android™ Users
  1. Click the icon below to download the app.
    (Supported OS: Android™ 4.0 +)
Google Play_Bleach Brave Souls(Japanese ver.)

* Some devices may not be able to run the game.

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