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KLab to Hold “KLab Creative Fes ’19”

Kouji Tajima and Other World-Famous Artists Discover the Next Generation of Talented 3D CG Creators in Student Design Contest

KLab Inc.
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Tokyo, Japan ‐ April 1, 2019 - KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced today that it will hold KLab Creative Fes ’19, a design contest for university students and aspiring graphic artists. The contest is the fifth in a series that began in 2015 with KLab Creative Fes ’15.

In addition to the contest itself, participants will also receive the opportunity to take part in a multi-faceted program, including a hands-on learning session with a panel of expert judges featuring world-famous artists.



About KLab Creative Fes ’19

KLab Creative Fes is an annual event that provides opportunities for students to show off their technical prowess to the world of professional designers. This year’s event is the fifth in the series, following the inaugural KLab Creative Fes ’15 and last year’s KLab Creative Fes ’18.

The contest is divided into two categories, still images and video, with an array of impressive prizes for winners. The event also features a variety of programs. Aspiring artists are given the chance to receive advice from a panel of expert judges working in the field of design on the global stage, as well as the opportunity to connect with other like-minded participants.


Participation Requirements

Preliminary Round
・Enrolled as a student as of July 2019
・No professional 3DCG creator work experience at time of entry (part-time work excluded)
・29 years of age or younger
・Resident of Japan

・Must fulfill all requirements for participating in preliminary round
・Must pass preliminary round screening


April 1 to 1:00 pm on July 1      Preliminary Round Screening
Early July                Announcement of Selected Candidates
August 4                Championship

* All dates and times above are shown in UTC+9.

Championship Day Program

Main Event
KLab Creative Fes ’19 Championship

Additional Events
・Live Sculpting with Kouji Tajima
・Judges’ Panel Discussion


First Prize      JPY 300,000
Second Prize     JPY 150,000

Other Prizes and Honorable Mentions

・Featured in CGWORLD
・Exposure for the artist’s work via KLab’s official website, Facebook page, and other media.

Special Prize

 ・JPY 50,000 and a job offer to work at KLab Inc.


World-Class Artist Panel of Judges

The list of judges overseeing this year’s championship features a panel of artists that have worked in Hollywood and the world over. This year’s event gives students the chance to receive direct feedback from creators working on the front lines and the leading edge of their respective field.




Eiji Kitada
Born in Osaka in 1977, Eiji graduated from HAL Osaka College of Technology and Design in 2000. After starting his career in Osaka’s film production industry, Eiji moved to Tokyo where he worked as a modeler and texture artist for Square Enix’s CG movie production department, Visual Works. Eiji left Square Enix in October 2009 to pursue his career as a freelance digital artist in Japan and abroad. By 2010, he had moved his base of operations to Australia, where he served as a surfacing artist for Animal Logic and Dr. D Studios in Sydney. Eiji then made his move to Singapore to work for Double Negative Visual Effects. In order to raise his family, Eiji returned to Japan in November 2014 where he continues his quest as a knight-errant, refining his skills as a digital artist and creating works that appeal to viewers across the globe.

Major Projects
The Evil Within 2
Gran Turismo Sport
Kings Glaive Final Fantasy XV
The Dark Knight Rises
Gintama 2
Masquerade Hotel
Shin Godzilla
Godzilla (Hollywood version)


Takuya Suzuki
After working at Square Enix, Takuya moved to the US in 2008 to work for Blizzard Entertainment’s cinematics department as a senior artist in charge of everything from background design to modeling. In 2014 he returned to Japan and worked for a CG production studio in Tokyo, and in 2018 he founded his own CG production studio, SAFEHOUSE Inc., with German real-time cinematic art director Erasmus Brosdau. To keep his skills sharp, Takuya works as a freelance background modeller providing assets to a wide variety of genres.

Major Projects
World of Warcraft
StarCraft II
Diablo III
A Man Called Pirate
Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars


Kouji Tajima
Kouji is a concept artist at Double Negative Visual Effects. Born in 1990 and raised in Tokyo, he graduated from Japan Electronics College’s Computer Graphics Department in 2011, after which he began his career as a freelance CG modeler. He joined Singapore-based Double Negative Visual Effects in April of the following year, where he continues to work at the forefront of concept art.

Major Projects
Alita: Battle Angel
The Meg
Pacific Rim Uprising
Blade Runner 2049
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children


Kaihei Hayano
After graduating from Nihon University’s College of Art, Kaihei worked at Sony Music Entertainment, Links, and Sony Computer Entertainment before striking out on his own as a freelancer. 2007 saw Kaihei shifting his focus to the world of realistic CG and founding his own company, Garyu. In addition to his position as CEO and Chairman of Garyu, Kaihei also gives back to the artistic community by sharing his expertise in the field of CG art via teaching classes and seminars on his craft.

Major Projects
CGWORLD Column, “Garyu Tensei”
Onimusha Series
Rebuild of Evangelion

Generations Live Tour 2018, United Journey
Exile Live Tour 2018-2019, Star of Wish
Texture Illusion 1-3 (Author)

Additional information on this year’s event can be found on the official site.

KLab Creative Fes ’19 Official Site

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About KLab

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