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Online Mobile RPG “Magatsu Wahrheit” Unveils New Info at TGS Livestream with Siro

New Gameplay Trailer Released, Character Collaborations Announced, and Pre-Registration Rewards Revealed
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Tokyo, Japan ‐ October 9, 2018 ‐ KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, unveiled an extensive list of future plans and new information for its upcoming mobile game, Magatsu Wahrheit, during the “Siro & Magatsu Wahrheit Collaboration Livestream” live stage show held at the KLabGames booth at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018 on Saturday, September 22. An in-depth report on the key details revealed at the event is as follows.

“Siro & Magatsu Wahrheit Collaboration Livestream” live stage

Magatsu Wahrheit Game Details Revealed at TOKYO GAME SHOW 2018

First Look at New Gameplay Trailer

For the first time, a new gameplay trailer featuring Percy and Sadie introducing the game mechanics was shown.

Introduction of Game Mechanics

A detailed introduction was given of the Awaken battle feature, choosing a job, equipping clothes and other gear, and other mechanics of the in-game system. A page for the in-game system on the official website opened at the same time, and fans are encouraged to check it out to learn more. The highlights from the stage show are summarized below.

* Official website currently only available in Japanese.

A Mobile Online RPG 100 People Can Play At Once

  • Solo play with a multi-player feel: In battles, anyone can join in at any time without needing to form a party. Parties can also be formed for tackling serious quests as a group.


  • Six types of initial classes: warriors, knights, priests, wizards, hunters, and marksmen
  • Match up skills for maximum strategy: combining a particular class with skills enhances the characteristics of that class
  • Powering up via the soul tree strengthens that combination even more


  • Level up armor with power-up items
  • Evolve armor with evolve items
  • Combine the same weapons to max level armor
  • Players can change only the look of their avatar without affecting status

“Project Magatsu” Details Revealed

The promotional arm of Magatsu Wahrheit, known as “Project Magatsu,” also announced new information during the stage show.

Magatsu Fanart Contest Winners Announced

The three top winners of the Magatsu Wahrheit fanart contest held on the official Twitter account were announced and the winning works were shown, as well as a comment by each creator. The winning entries can be viewed below.

Magatsu Fanart Contest Winner
Magatsu Fanart Contest Winner
Magatsu Fanart Contest Winner

Collaboration with Chiitan Announced

A collaboration between Magatsu Wahrheit and popular mascot character Chiitan (Japanese Twitter, English Twitter) was announced. Chiitan’s character materials were shown for the first time, and the gameplay showed Chiitan’s 3D model for the game.

Magatsu Wahrheit Collaboration with Chiitan
Magatsu Wahrheit Collaboration with Chiitan

AGRS In-Game Model Completed

The in-game model for AGRS (pronounced “Ajirus”), an original character created by voice actor Tomokazu Sugita, who also provides the voice of the character Faust in the game, was revealed. More details are forthcoming.

AGRS In-Game Model Completed

300,000 Pre-Registrations Hit and New Reward Goal Announced

The number of pre-registrations for Magatsu Wahrheit has reached over 300,000, and it was announced that as a reward all players would receive one guaranteed SSR ticket. In addition, it was announced that all players would receive an SSR guaranteed job weapon ticket if 400,000 pre-registrations are reached. (Rewards will be distributed in-game after the game’s release.)

Google Play Pre-Registration Has Begun

Pre-registration on Google Play started on Friday, September 21. Details for the App Store will be announced later.

Next Collaboration Livestream with Siro Announced

The next collaboration livestream with Siro was announced, with more details to come on the official Twitter.


About Magatsu Wahrheit

In this full-scale multiplayer online mobile RPG by KLabGames, players take up arms against a world on the brink of destruction as a member of an elite, mobile fighting force known as the “Kidou Heidan.”

Rich graphics bring an even richer world to life, with sweeping horizons, memorable characters, and expansive storylines that keep players coming back for more. An all-star cast of creators and a deeply engaging field of play round out this fully realized story.

This completely original title aims to deliver the immersion and entertainment of console gaming to the handheld smartphone.


Magatsu Wahrheit Overview

Magatsu Wahrheit
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