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Summer of Love Live! 2018 Campaign Kicks Off

Beat the Heat with a Jumbo Lottery, Free Scout 11, Login Bonus, Goals, and More!
KLab Inc.
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Tokyo, Japan ‐ August 1, 2018 ‐ KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced campaign details for “Summer of Love Live! 2018” which will occur throughout August in the global version of Love Live! School Idol Festival, its hit game co-developed with Bushiroad Inc. This once-a-year large-scale special campaign will dazzle players, and the first part kicks off Wednesday, August 1.

Summer of Love Live! 2018 Summer Girl

A number of rare and exclusive members and items have been dreamed up especially for this campaign, such as the grand prize of 9 UR Scouting Tickets in the Summer Jumbo Lottery, and SSR Yoshiko Tsushima as a special login bonus.

The members who placed 1st and 2nd in the Summer Girl Elections will be featured in their own free solo Scout 11, which will only be the beginning of the special songs, limited-time goals, and other myriad aspects of this campaign.

A selection of the campaign prongs can be found below. Players are encouraged to join in to beat the heat and enjoy summer with this once-a-year bash.

Summer Jumbo Lottery

This lottery is open to any player with a ticket. Players can earn up to 5 Summer Jumbo tickets through login bonuses and as rewards for completing Goals between Wednesday, August 1 and Friday, August 31 (UTC).



- Grand Prize: Set of 9 UR Scouting Tickets x1
- 1st: Set of 1,000 Love Gems x5
- 2nd: Set of 3 UR Scouting Tickets x10
- 3rd: Set of 5 SSR+ Scouting Tickets and 10 of each LP recovery item x100
- 4th: Set of 25 Scouting Coupons x500
- 5th: Set of 3 SR+ Scouting Tickets and 5 of each LP recovery item x1,000
- 6th: Set of 2 SR+ Scouting Tickets and 1 of each LP recovery item x10,000
- 7th: Set of 1 Scouting Ticket and 1 of each LP recovery item x100,000
- 8th: Set of 1 Love Gem and 1 of each LP recovery item

Players can collect the Summer Jumbo Ticket from their Present Box to receive the items they won.

Summer of Love Live! 2018 Free Scout 11

Summer of Love Live! 2018 Free Scout 11 for Maki Nishikino
Summer of Love Live! 2018 Free Scout 11 for You Watanabe

In gratitude for all the votes players sent in during the Summer of Love Live! 2018 Summer Girl election, the top-voted members will be featured in a free solo Scout 11 during this campaign. First up will be 1st place μ's member, Maki Nishikino, and 2nd place Aqours member, Kanan Matsuura.

You Watanabe, the 1st place Aqours member, and Rin Hoshizora, who placed 2nd for μ's, will be appearing in their solo Scout 11s at a later date.

Summer Girl Celebratory Title Released

Special Titles created in Honor of μ's Summer Girl, Maki Nishikino, and Aqours Summer Girl, You Watanabe, will be released as login bonuses in early August.


Special Login Bonuses

Summer of Love Live! 2018 Login Bonus

Summer of Love Live! 2018

The item lineup for this login bonus will include the rare Summer Jumbo Lottery Ticket, as well as Love Gems, and new LP recovery items. Exchange your Summer Jumbo Lottery Tickets starting on September 1st for an opportunity to win up to 9 UR Scouting Tickets. Don't forget to log in for your chance!

Midsummer Login Bonus

Midsummer Login Bonus

This series will offer a selection of login bonuses once a month for three months from August until October. Players can log in for 9 days to receive a guaranteed SSR member.

The first round in August will feature School Idol Festival 5th Anniversary Poster Girl, SSR Yoshiko Tsushima.

Summer of Love Live! 2018 Time-Limited Goals and Songs

Players can clear these special Goals to earn Summer Jumbo Lottery tickets, Stickers, and other rare and exclusive rewards! The songs feature a curated collection of μ's and Aqours' hottest summer songs.


Special Reward Box

August welcomes the arrival of a new, special Reward Box that will give players great items after completing a Live Show. Players are urged to brush up on their performance to earn even more amazing rewards.


Sticker Shop Renewal

Sticker Shop Renewal

Past Promo UR members and backgrounds will return to the Sticker Shop. Players can trade in their Stickers for their favorite members and scenery.

UR μ's First-Year Members in "Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari" Costumes

UR μ's First-Year Members in "Bokutachi wa Hitotsu no Hikari" Costumes

These members featuring brand-new skills, Home screen voices, and side stories, will be available through a special Box Scouting. Players can include their favorite member in this Limited Box and get her for their Team.

School Idol Starter Pack Count Reset

Limited to one pack per player, the School Idol Starter Pack counter will be reset. Featuring great items such as an SSR+ Scouting Ticket, this pack presents a perfect chance to try for a favorite member.


Summer of Love Live! 2018 Step-Up Scouting

μ's and Aqours make the most of the season with this special Step-Up Scouting which features them in summer fashion, swimwear and more. Players won’t want to miss this great chance to get their favorite members.


About the Love Live! Project

About the Love Live! Project

Love Live! is a cross-media project based on the concept, “a story that makes our dreams come true.” A youth drama that follows nine high school girls who form an idol group in an attempt to save their school, it has been adapted for various media, including an animated TV series, music CDs and animated videos, magazines, comics, mobile phone applications, and card games. Love Live! has also featured in radio programs, live video streams via the Japanese video sharing website NicoNico, and in live concerts and events hosted by the voice cast.

The first season of the Love Live! School Idol Project TV anime series was aired in Japan from January to March 2013, and the second season from April to June 2014. A feature length anime movie, Love Live! The School Idol Movie, opened at theaters in Japan on June 13, 2015, and has been a massive hit, with over 2 million customers and box office takings now exceeding 2.8 billion yen.

About the Love Live! Sunshine!! Project

About the Love Live! Sunshine!! Project

Love Live! Sunshine!! is a brand new cross-media project based on the concept, "a story that makes our dreams come true." The school idol group “Aqours” (pronounced as “aqua”) formed in Uchiura, Numazu-city, Shizuoka Prefecture is spread among different types of media including CD releases with animation trailer video in DVD & Blu-ray, events, magazines, and smart phone applications.

The project started in February 2015 in DENGEKI G's Magazine. The first single, Kimino Kokorowa Kagayaiterukai?, was released in October of the same year. The first season of the TV anime series started airing in July 2016, with the second beginning its televised run in October 2017. Aqours will hold their next major domestic performance, Love Live! Sunshine!! Aqours 4th LoveLive! ~Sailing to the Sunshine~, on November 17 and 18, 2018 at Tokyo Dome before kicking off 2019 with "Love Live! Sunshine!! The School Idol Movie: Over the Rainbow", a new movie which will premier in theaters all across Japan.

Love Live! Official Worldwide Website: http://www.lovelive-anime.jp/worldwide/

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