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“Utano☆Princesama Shining Live” Kicks Off Spring Update and Campaign!

Take Advantage of the Free 11-Shot Photo Shoot Once a Day Campaign for Up to Five Days! Brand New Content and Events on Now!
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Tokyo, Japan – April 25, 2018 – KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, together with BROCCOLI Co., Ltd., announced that a major update and spring campaign has kicked off in both the Japanese and global versions of the smartphone rhythm game Utano☆Princesama Shining Live. Join in the spring fun and try out the new and improved gameplay!

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Spring Update & Campaign

Players will be delighted to find the Free 11-Shot Photo Shoot Once a Day! event going on now. The fun continues as the Score Battle event debuts in the game, giving players a brand new way to let their men strut their stuff on stage. That and a host of other events are in store for players worldwide. Join in the spring campaign!

The Spring Update & Campaign Now On!

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Spring Update & Campaign

1. New Tiles with Shiny Features Debut in the Expanded Moments Section!

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Spring Update & Campaign

Expanded Moments Section Introduces a Host of New Features

Each time players use a Special Lesson to increase the Rank of a Photo, the Moments section will expand with new tiles. Unlocking the Skill tiles and other new types of tiles means the Photo can be powered up even further. The Moments section can be expanded up to four times.

A special idol-specific Gem will be necessary to unlock some of the special locked tiles that become available after unlocking the Special Shot for that Photo. These idol-specific Gems sometimes drop as rewards for completing Gem Bonus Special Songs.

* Boosting the amount of LP used to complete a song does not affect the drop rate of idol-specific Gems.

Unlocking New Tile to Upgrade Photos

In the Moments section of certain Photos, expanding the Moments will now reveal new Autograph and Message tiles. Unlocking these tiles will give players access to special content, such as attaching an Autograph to the Photo or viewing a Message from him. The Autograph tile unlocks when the Photo is at max Rank, and the Message tile unlocks when the Photo is at Rank 2 with all tiles unlocked.

Autograph and Message Tiles Added to UR “Shining Live” Photos

To coincide with this major content update, there will be a Special Photo Shoot centered on “Shining Live” Photos starting Tuesday, April 24 (UTC+9). Further details on this Photo Shoot can be found inside the game.

A Special Photo Shoot focused on “Shining Super Stars” Photos is planned for a later date.

More Content Additions! Sub Skill and Leader Skill Tiles Have Arrived

Sub Skill Tiles

Unlocking the Sub Skill tile adds a second Skill to the Photo. Sub Skills power up the Photo and allow players to shoot for higher and higher scores during live shows. Give your favorite Photos an extra boost!

Leader Skill Tiles

Unlocking Leader Skill effectiveness enhancing tiles increases the effectiveness of the Photo's Leader Skill.

2. Get Ready to Rock! New Score Battle Event Debuts

Score Battle Added to Game Starting Today!

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Spring Update & Campaign

This brand new versus-style event allows players to pit their rhythmic chops against five other players by playing three random songs in a row. Highest score wins! Winners receive shiny rewards such as Stickers of their favorite idol.

How to Play Score Battle

1. Go to the Event Screen
Tap the event banner on the home screen and head over to Score Battle.

2. Join in the Score Battle Event
Use a Battle Pass to join a Score Battle match.

Battle Passes regenerate automatically at a rate of one Battle Pass every eight hours. Players can keep up to four Battle Passes at one time.

3. Select the Sticker of Your Favorite Idol
Players are given the chance to select an event-exclusive Sticker for the Idol of their choice when playing Score Battles. When the Score Battle event ends, players who rank D or higher in the event will get the Sticker they chose!

While the event is open, players can change their desired Sticker as many times as they choose from the rewards screen. No Stickers will be awarded to players who attain Rank E in a Score Battle.

4. The Battle Begins with Three Songs Chosen at Random
Once the three songs contestants are required to play have been selected, tap Battle Start on the Event screen. Select the difficulty level and let the games begin!

Players can change the difficulty level between songs.

5. Clear Songs and Collect Battle Points
Players can collect Battle Points by clearing a surprisingly wide variety of conditions, such as achieving high scores, beating other players, clearing songs with a full combo, or clearing songs with plenty of Life left to spare.

Players are promoted to the next Battle Rank once they collect a certain number of Battle Points. This also causes the reward Sticker design to metamorphosize into something shinier than before. Simply put, collect lots of Battle Points to get better rewards!

Clear all three consecutive songs in the live battle without expending the limited amount of Life given, and collect as many Battle Points as possible!

The player’s opponent changes each song. Battle results are also displayed for each song. Players are given 200 Life when the Score Battle begins. This Life counts for all three consecutive songs in the Live Battle. The player’s Life will not recover in between songs.

Players cannot use their next Battle Pass until they have played all three songs selected for their current Score Battle. If the player quits playing in the middle of the song on the first or second song in the Score Battle, their Life will start at 100 on the next song.

Please note that players will NOT receive any Battle Points if they choose not to continue and end the live when their Life reaches 0.

Score Battle Pro Tips

1. Play Every Day!
Players must use Battle Passes to participate in Score Battles. Just like LP, Battle Passes regenerate over time. However, players must be cautious—there is a limit to the number of Battle Passes they can stock at one time. The number of plays per day are limited, so players are encouraged to participate in the event every day!

2. Optimize Your Unit!
In Score Battles, players compete against other players for the highest score received when the song is cleared. The number of Battle Points received are based on the player’s score relative the other players—the higher the score, the more points awarded. There are other ways to acquire Battle Points, such as by clearing various special conditions during live play. Players are encouraged to dig deep inside their deck in order to create the optimal unit for each battle.

3. Aim for the Top by Getting Higher Scores
Unlock Photos’ full scoring potential by unlocking tiles in the Moments section in order to make them stronger and more competitive. Unlocking Sub Skills and increasing the effectiveness of Photos' Leader Skills by unlocking their respective tiles can have a significant impact on the final score.

3. New Crown Challenge Function

Power Up Your Favorite Photos Even Further by Adding Crowns!

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Spring Update & Campaign

The new Crown Challenge feature allows players to further power up the Performance stats of Photos that are already at max Rank and Level. With the Crown Challenge, players spend items to generate a Crown that gives a boost to either the Photo's Charm, Dance, or Vocal Performance. (Which Performance stat is increased is chosen at random.)

Players can set up to three Crowns on each Photo. As the effect generated is chosen at random, players have the option to either set the Crown to their Photo, or spend more items to retry the Crown Challenge if they are not satisfied with the initial result. This gives players a significant amount of control over the direction their favorite Photos take.

Items must be spent every time the Crown Challenge generation system is used. When Crowns are reset, all of the Crowns set at that point are removed. Go to Lesson > Crown Challenge to perform a Crown Challenge.

4. More New Content Added

Communicate More with the Boys!

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Spring Update & Campaign

Communication Voice Clips
New voice clips were added for each idol on the Main screen! Six new voice clips have been added for each idol. These voice clips are added at Bond level 1.

Bond Level Voice Clips
Please note that some of these new voice clips will only become available once you have reached a certain Bond level with the idol in question. Eleven new voice clips have been added as Bond Level Voice Clips! These clips are unlocked for each idol as you bond with them. Raise your Bond level from 150 to 200 to unlock all the clips!

Wait! More Voice Clips!
Other new voice clips have also been added to the download screen and other screens too! Move to other screens and check out what the boys have to say.

Screens with New Voice Clips Added
- Download screen
- Lesson screen
- Closet screen
- Poster screen

Other New Features and Improvements!

Medal Shop
The number of times players can exchange each type of Special Gem will be increased from once a week to seven times a week.

List of Exchangeable Special Gems
- 1 Special Star Gem ⇔ 1 Premium Medal
- 1 Special Shine Gem ⇔ 1 Premium Medal
- 1 Special Dream Gem ⇔ 1 Premium Medal
- 1 Special Star Gem ⇔ 5 Gold Medals
- 1 Special Shine Gem ⇔ 5 Gold Medals
- 1 Special Dream Gem ⇔ 5 Gold Medals

An option to exchange five Medals for one idol-specific Gem once a month for each type in the Medal Shop has also been added to the game.

Idol-specific Gems are used in the expanded Moments section in order to unlock the new tiles added to the game in this major update.

The "Stamina Recovery Notes" Skill awards players twice as many score points than usual for tapping a note if they tap Stamina Recovery notes when their Stamina is full. This makes the Skill useful even when players are at full Stamina.

5. Exciting Commemorative Campaigns

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Spring Update & Campaign

Free 11-Shot Photo Shoot Once a Day!

Free 11-Shot Photo Shoots! Do a FREE 11-Shot Photo Shoot every day for up to five days! Players will not want to miss this incredible chance to get their hands on their favorite idols.

The daily Free 11-Shot Photo Shoot resets at midnight every night (UTC+9) during the event.

Event Period
This event starts after maintenance ends on Tuesday, April 24, and runs until 1:59 pm on Tuesday, May 29 (UTC+9).

"Maji Love 2000%" and "Poison Kiss" added to Special Songs!

ST☆RISH’s smash hit "Maji Love 2000%" and QUARTET NIGHT’s "Poison Kiss" have been added to the game’s Special Songs selection! Just wait, the fun continues. To celebrate the release of the major spring update and campaign, the following songs will all be added to the Special Songs lineup:

List of Newly Added Songs
"Maji Love 1000%"
"Maji Love 2000%"
"Maji Love Revolutions"
"Poison Kiss"
"Evolution Eve"

Event Period
This event starts after maintenance ends on Tuesday, April 24, and runs until 11:59 pm on Tuesday, May 22 (UTC+9).

Please note that the details listed above are subject to change without prior notice.

6. Spring Update & Campaign Special Photo Shoot and Sets

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Spring Update & Campaign

Double the Chance of Getting URs! The "Shining Party: Shining Live" is Here!

The "Shining Party: Shining Live" is here! During the event, the chance of getting a UR Photo from a standard Photo Shoot is doubled and all UR Photos are guaranteed to be from the "Shining Live" series.

The "Shining Live" UR Photos now have Message and Autograph tiles that players can unlock in their Moments sections. These allow players to attach an autograph and special message from their idol to the Photo!

To access these new Autograph and Message tiles, players will need to first expand the Photo's Moments. These brand new features have just debuted in the game along with the Spring Update & Campaign. The Autograph tile unlocks when the Photo’s Rank is maxed out. The Message tile unlocks when the Photo’s Rank reaches 2.

Event Period
This event starts after maintenance ends on Tuesday, April 24, and runs until 1:59 pm on Tuesday, May 8 (UTC+9).

Special Packs Celebrating the Spring Update & Campaign on Sale Now!

Special packs celebrating this major update and event series are now available in the in-game Shop.

List of Packs
Update & Campaign UR Pass Set
Update & Campaign Mega Set
Update & Campaign Set
Update & Campaign Mini Set

Event Period
This event starts after maintenance ends on Tuesday, April 24, and runs until 1:59 pm on Tuesday, May 8 (UTC+9).

About Utano☆Princesama Shining Live

Utano☆Princesama Shining Live is a rhythm game for Android™ and iOS mobile devices based on BROCCOLI’s Utano☆Princesama series.


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Utano☆Princesama Shining Live Overview

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Utano☆Princesama Shining Live
Supported OSes:
Android™ 4.4+, iOS 9.0+
* Not available on some devices.
Rhythm game
Free-to-play (In-app purchases available)
Supported Regions:
Global (Excludes Japan and Mainland China*)
Supported Languages:
English and Traditional Chinese
Official Website:
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* For more information on the Mainland China version (available in Simplified Chinese), please see the official site.

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