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“Kaburin! Creator” Released Today Worldwide! New Casual Game Focuses on Ad-Based Approach to Revenue Generation

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Tokyo, Japan ‐ January 30, 2018 - KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced alongside co-developer Nobollel Inc. the global release of the game Kaburin! Creator on Tuesday, January 30 (UTC+9). The smartphone-based construction game implements an ad-based revenue model as the main method of monetization. Kaburin! Creator is now available for download on Google Play™ in over 141 countries and regions around the globe.

Kaburin! Creator is a joint-development project between KLab and Nobollel, designed to help KLab hone its research and analysis skills in the ad-based revenue sector of the mobile game market. An open beta test was launched on November 22 in select regions. As of today, the game is now available worldwide.

Kaburin! Creator

Emerging Trends in the Mobile Market

The smartphone app market worldwide was worth an estimated 1.3 trillion USD in 2016. This number is expected to continue to grow in the future, with forecasts calling for it to be worth 6.3 trillion USD by 2021.* The ad-based revenue model is one of the core methods of monetization in the smartphone app market. While this particular model is still comparatively small in the Japanese domestic market, it is growing rapidly on the global stage. Through this new joint-development project, KLab aims to gain the analytical edge it needs to make ad-based revenue models profitable. The company will then use those results for possible future endeavors.

* Source: App Annie report

Kaburin! Creator is a joint-development project by KLab and Nobollel. This game is published by Nobollel. Kaburin! Creator is a pilot project designed to test innovative methods of revenue generation, and it has not been included in the upcoming games pipeline in KLab’s quarterly financial results presentations.

About Kaburin! Creator

A Construction Game That Connects Creator and Player

Kaburin! Creator is a user-generated content (UGC) genre construction simulator game in which players create content that other players can experience first-hand. More than simply offering lots of construction stages to play, Kaburin! Creator is designed to be a creator-oriented construction simulation environment that stimulates the player’s desire for self-expression.

Play the stages created!

How to Play

1. Use lots of blocks to build original stages

Gather a multitude of items of all shapes and sizes to assemble your very own original stage the way you want. Create stages that are sure to dazzle and delight other players!

Make your stages with many many blocks!

2. Share your stage with people all over the world

When you share your stage, other players all over the world will be able to play it. Build a great stage that everyone will love!

Share your stage with people all over the world!

3. Record gameplay videos to upload easily on social media

With the gameplay record function, you can record videos and upload them easily and share them with the world!

KLab Original Characters “Kaburin!”

In November 2016, Kaburin! Ball and Kaburin! Dodge were released on Facebook’s Instant Games. Now, more than a year after release, Kaburin! Ball has 4.8 million players and Kaburin! Dodge has 4.2 million. Global players grew to know and love the “Kaburin!” cast through these two games. These KLab-original characters have been brought back to star in this new casual game.

About Nobollel

Headquartered in Tokyo and led by CEO Kosuke Kurokawa, Nobollel Inc. excels at planning, developing, and operating smartphone games developed using Unity. It has published multiple games featuring world-famous Japanese characters. With a business model that extends beyond borders, the company also publishes mobile games that have been developed internationally.


Download URL

googleplay.png   https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nobollel.kaburincreator


Overview of Kaburin! Creator

”Kaburin! Creator”icon
Kaburin! Creator
Supported OSes:
Android™ 4.4+
* Not available on some devices.
Construction game
Free-to-play (Ad-based rewards and in-app purchases available)
Official Website:
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