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KLab’s “Love Live! School Idol Festival” Reaches 25 Million Players Worldwide

15 Million Users in Japan, μ’sic Forever Event Announced
KLab Inc.
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Tokyo, Japan ‐ March 22, 2016 - KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced today that Love Live! School Idol Festival, its hit game co-developed with Bushiroad Inc., reached a new record of 25 million players worldwide on March 9, 2016, and 15 million players in Japan as of March 19, 2016. In addition to the series of events planned to commemorate this achievement, a special μ’sic Forever event will also be held to celebrate the μ's Final LoveLive!~μ’sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪~ performances scheduled for March 31 and April 1.


25 Million Players Worldwide & 15 Million Players in Japan Celebration Extravaganza

Round One

For seven days starting Monday, March 21, all players will receive Love Gems and Scouting Tickets as special login bonuses.

Round Two

A major update for Love Live! School Idol Festival is scheduled for summer 2016. This new and exciting update heralds the official addition of Aqours, the group featured in the Love Live! Sunshine!! story arc. Further details regarding the update are scheduled to be announced at Love Live! School Idol Festival Thanksgiving 2016.

μ’sic Forever Event

A series of μ’sic Forever events will be held to celebrate the μ's Final LoveLive!~μ’sic Forever♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪ performances scheduled for March 31 and April 1.

New Member Limited Scouting Every Day from March 22-30

This limited-time event centers on an 11 Honor Student Scouting offer that gives players a chance to acquire exclusive members. Players who take advantage of this special offer will be guaranteed one or more SR Cards. This offer is available up to three times a day per game account.

Event Schedule

Tuesday, March 22 - Nico Yazawa
Wednesday, March 23 - Hanayo Koizumi
Thursday, March 24 - Nozomi Tojo
Friday, March 25 - Maki Nishikino
Saturday, March 26 - Rin Hoshizora
Sunday, March 27 - Umi Sonoda
Monday, March 28 - Minami Kotori
Tuesday, March 29 - Eli Ayase
Wednesday, March 30 - Honoka Kosaka

Exclusive Two Day Offer - “μ’s Final LoveLive! Supporter Pack” Available for Purchase on March 31 and April 1

Inside μ’s Final LoveLive! Supporter Packs

- 11 Honor Student Scouting Tickets x10
- SR or Above Scouting Ticket x1
- SR Alpaca x5


JPY 3,000

* One μ’s Final LoveLive! Supporter Pack purchasable per game account during the two day event period. This special offer gives players a chance to scout any member that has ever appeared in Honor Student Scouting. Players can use the ten 11 Honor Student Scouting Tickets to play 11 Honor Student Scouting once.

** Due to special sales of μ’s Final LoveLive! Supporter Packs, School Idol Starter Packs will NOT be available for purchase from 2 pm on Thursday, March 31 to 4 pm on Tuesday, April 5. Limited to players who have not purchased the pack before, the School Idol Starter Packs will be available for purchase again starting at 4 pm on Tuesday, April 5. (All dates and times are given in UTC+9.)

*** Please note that all event details and times contained in this press release refer to the Japanese version of Love Live! School Idol Festival ONLY.

“You Decide! Request Your Favorite Ultra Rare Cards” User-Requested UR Cards Available as Login Bonuses


The You Decide! Request Your Favorite Ultra Rare Cards event was held to celebrate the game’s 20 million players worldwide milestone. Love Live! fans from around the world voted for their favorite outfits for each member of μ’s. The user-chosen outfits that have been transformed into nine stunning UR cards will be available inside the game.

Players who log in for seven days during each of the three scheduled event periods listed below will be rewarded with all nine exclusive UR cards.

Distribution Schedule

Friday, April 1 to Saturday, April 30 - Day 1: Honoka Kosaka→Day 4: Kotori Minami→Day 7: Umi Sonoda
Sunday, May 1 to Tuesday, May 31 - Day 1: Rin Hoshizora→Day 4: Maki Nishikino→Day 7: Hanayo Koizumi
Wednesday June 1 to Thursday, June 30 - Day 1: Eli Ayase→Day 4: Nozomi Tojo→Day 7: Nico Yazawa
* One Love Gem per day will be given out to players for Days 2, 3, 5, and 6.

About Love Live!

Love Live! School Idol Festival

Love Live! is a cross-media project based on the concept, “a story in which we make our dreams come true.” A youth drama that follows nine high school girls who form an idol group called “μ’s” (pronounced “Muse”) in an attempt to save their school, the group featured in the story has been adapted for various forms of media, including CDs packaged with animated music videos (available on DVD and Blu-ray), magazines, novels, and other publications, televised anime series, a smartphone game, video games, trading card games, as well as live events, radio programs, and live broadcasts on Niconico featuring the real-life cast of μ's.

The first season of the Love Live! anime series aired on Japanese television from January to March 2014, and the second season from April to June 2014. A feature length anime movie, Love Live! The School Idol Movie, opened in theaters in Japan on June 13, 2015. The movie was a massive hit, attracting more than 2 million viewers and recording box office earnings over JPY 2.8 billion. Farewell solo shows by μ's to be held at Tokyo Dome are planned for March 31 and April 1, 2016.

Love Live! Official Worldwide Website: http://www.lovelive-anime.jp/worldwide/

Download the App

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Official Twitter Account: @lovelive_SIF (Only available in Japanese)

Official Website: http://lovelive.bushimo.jp/ (Only available in Japanese)



Love Live! School Idol Festival Overview

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Rhythm and Adventure
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April 15, 2013 (iOS)
June 6, 2013 (Android)
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