Magatsu Wahrheit

Magatsu Wahrheit

Cross-Media Project Based on KLabGames’ Original Mobile Online RPG "Magatsu Wahrheit"

GAME: Full-scale Mobile Online RPG

A captivating full scale mobile online RPG set in "Warheit" where the Light threatens to destroy the world.

ANIME:2020 TV Animation!

The TV anime "Magatsu Wahrheit -ZUREST-" aired in October 2020.
Unravel the mysteries from 20 years ago before the game.

BOOK: New Comicalization of "Wahrheit"

Experience untold stories from the anime and game in the comics!
Unlock the secrets of the characters’ pasts!

GOODS: "Magatsu Wahrheit" Merchandise Now Available!

Merchandise from the world of "Wahrheit" is now on sale!

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