KLab's E-Safety Policy

KLab's E-Safety Policy

At KLab, our objective is to create an environment where all users can enjoy our online mobile services both safely and comfortably. The points below support this objective, and outline the policies we have implemented to ensure the safety of our mobile game users.

1. Consent from a parent or guardian is required for making in-app purchases

To prevent underage users from making large, unwanted or accidental purchases, a payment confirmation requesting the approval from a parent or guardian will appear in the game before the transaction is processed.

2. All forms of misconduct are strictly prohibited

Users who engage in any kind of activity that is considered illegal or otherwise inappropriate while using our services may have their accounts terminated or lose their eligibility to access our services.

3. Inappropriate behavior is not tolerated

In order to put a stop to inappropriate online activities, we reserve the right to block specific users should their posts or comments contain offensive content or remarks that may harm or threaten other users.

4. Rules and regulations set for the gaming community

We have established a set of rules and regulations for all our games and services. These rules and regulations include guidelines on appropriate game usage, and touch on the manner of behavior expected from users taking part in the gaming community.

5. Privacy Policies established to protect users

Our privacy policies can be found in-game as well as on the company's official website. These guidelines include details on how the users' personal information is collected, used and protected.