New "Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team" Boundary Break Update & More Campaigns!

KLab Inc.(TSE Prime Market: 3656)

Tokyo, Japan - March 18, 2022 - KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced that its head-to-head football simulation game Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team received new updates to improve the player experience and celebrated with various in-game campaigns from Friday, March 18.


New Update Features!

A New Way to Boundary Break!

In addition to the conventional Boundary Break method, a new method has been added and the requirements have been simplified.

The newly added Boundary Break method can be performed with a Player with the same name as the target Player, 3 levels or more of Boundary Break, and the new limited Transfer item UR "Okawa Manabu".

The new item "Okawa Manabu" can be acquired when the Transfer limited Player reaches a level 4 Boundary Break.

*Event Players are not included in Players with the same name, 3 levels or more of limit breakthrough, and UR rarity.
*No new items are required for the conventional Boundary Break method using "Tamotsu Ide".

Furthermore, by performing the Boundary Break, a Stat Increase will be added in addition to Unlock Special Skill Slots and Ability Limit Break Maximum.

Match Function Updated!

A button will be added that allows users to immediately activate a preset Special Skills (Ground Shot) during the match.

03182022 Captain Tsubasa03.jpg

If you set a Special Skill in advance in "Special Move Settings", the Special Skill Shot button will be displayed on the match screen.

03182022 Captain Tsubasa02.jpg

Also, a function was added that allows users to play a test match with their own deck!

From the newly added VS button in the team formation screen, users can select the rules and try out new Players in matches.

In addition, retire buttons will be added to Friendly Match, Quick Match, Group Match, and Random Match. By pressing the retire button, users can retire even during the match.

"Quick Match" Updated!

The teams have been redesigned. The Player parameters will be consistent for each position, Special Skill power will be adjusted, and users can rely purely on Player techniques in matches.

Furthermore, the stamina is set to "9999", so users will not run out of stamina during the match.

03182022 Captain Tsubasa01.jpg

*In addition, UI adjustments have been included with this update. Please check the details of each update in the app.

Update Celebration Overview


The Update Celebration will include various in-game campaigns including a Login Bonus where users can get up to 150 Transfer Tickets and a special event to collect "Tomorrow's Field Medals" and exchange for various items.

Update Celebration: Login Bonus

Event Period: Friday, March 18 until Sunday, April 3 (UTC+9)


By logging in to the game during the event period, players can get various items such as Dreamballs, Black Ball (SSR)s, Update Celebration 10-Player Transfer Tickets, and more. Items change according to the number of days users log in, so be sure to log in every day.

Update Celebration: 10-Player Ticket Transfer

Event Period: Friday, March 18 ~


Use the Update Celebration 10-Player Transfer Tickets to perform this 10-Player Transfer. This is also a Step-Up transfer that guarantees an SSR Player on Steps 1 and 4! The Transfer can be performed up to 150 times with the Transfer Tickets from the Update Celebration Login Bonus.

Update Celebration Transfer

Event Period: Friday, March 18 until Friday, April 1 (UTC+9)


Thoram (Parma), Roberto Hongo (São Paulo) and Carlos Santana (Valencia) debut as new players in this Transfer! This is a Step-Up Transfer where 1 SSR player is guaranteed on Step 3 and 1 new SSR player is guaranteed on Step 5.

*Returns to Step 1 after the final Step (Step 5).
*There is an SP exchange limit.

Wills Collide! Field With Tomorrow on the Line

Event Period: Friday, March 18 until Friday, April 1 (UTC+9)


During the event period, users can replay these special scenarios over and over again to collect Tomorrow's Field Medals. These Medals can be exchanged for fantastic items such as SSR Transfer Tickets, Dream Pot Transfer Tickets, Limit Break Reset Tickets, Special Skill S Strong Tackle (Robert Hongo), Special Skill S Forcible Interception (Thoram), and more!

Update Celebration: Daily Scenarios

Event Period: Friday, March 18 until Friday, April 1 (UTC+9)


Players can complete the daily scenarios twice a day during the event period. Clear the mission for amazing rewards such as Dream Pot Transfer Tickets, Dreamballs, Coins, Black Ball (SSR)s, and more!


Update Celebration: Event Missions

Event Period: Friday, March 18 until Friday, April 1 (UTC+9)


During the event period, clear the Daily Missions to earn items such as Dreamballs, Dream Pot Transfer Tickets, Tamotsu Ide, and more.

About Captain Tsubasa

Created by Yoichi Takahashi, Captain Tsubasa is a Japanese manga that centers on the sport of football. Since premiering in Shueisha’s landmark manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in 1981, the series has grown into a legend that has inspired and delighted countless football fans around the world for decades.

Even after the end of the initial serialization, the story has continued to evolve with new works highlighting the growth and development of main character Tsubasa Ozora. The series’ popularity continues to thrive, with Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun finishing its appearance in Shueisha’s manga anthology, Grand Jump in 2019, and a special issue called Captain Tsubasa Magazine began serialization in 2020.

The series has sold over 70 million volumes in Japan alone. Captain Tsubasa’s popularity extends beyond borders, having been translated and published around the world in 20 languages, finding fans and winning the hearts of football lovers around the globe.

Overview of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Title Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team
Supported OSes Android™ 4.4+, iOS 11.0+, HarmonyOS 2.0+
* Not available on some devices.
Supported Regions Global (Excludes Japan and Mainland China)
Supported Languages English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, and Thai
Genre Head-to-head football simulation game
Price Free-to-play (In-app purchases available)
Official Website Official X Official Facebook Official Discord
Copyright ©Yoichi Takahashi/SHUEISHA
©Yoichi Takahashi/SHUEISHA/
© KLabGames
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About KLab

KLab is a leader in online mobile gaming. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Tokyo, the company is listed on the Prime Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. With its emphasis on quality and innovative games, KLab continues to grow at a rapid pace, expanding beyond the Japanese market with an office in Shanghai.

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