"aoppella!?" Original Song "Little Real Happy!" Music Video Premieres!

KLab Inc.(TSE Prime Market: 3656)

Tokyo, Japan - December 1, 2021 - KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced the release of the new "aoppella!?" project original song "Little Real Happy!" on the official YouTube channel on Thursday, November 30.

"aoppella!?" Original Song "Little Real Happy!" MV Premieres! A Happy Christmas Song from Lil Happy!

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The new original song "Little Real Happy!" was written and arranged by Yosuke Hikichi and Reo Tsuchiya, members of the a cappella band RAG FAIR, and performed by the Otowa Public High School a cappella club Lil Happy.

"Little Real Happy!" is a perfect song for the winter season. Listeners will find themselves snapping and moving along to the comfy rhythm while the members of Lil Happy sing their hearts out. Watch as the boys enjoy the illuminations and snowy scenery while dressed casually for the cold. We hope this song from Lil Happy brings you joy this holiday season.

The Kanadezaka Private High School a cappella club FYA'M will also have a new music video "Let it snow, Let it snow, Let it snow" scheduled for mid December. Stay tuned and be sure to check it out when it's released!

Little Real Happy!

Singers: Otowa Public High School Members (Lil Happy)
Hajime Suzumiya CV: Ryohei Kimura
Rin Tanba CV: Ryota Osaka
Michitaka Kariyazono CV: KENN
Luka Shihou CV: Tetsuya Kakihara
Sayo Soenji CV: Tomoaki Maeno

Lyrics, Composition, and Arrangement: Yosuke Hikichi and Reo Tsuchiya (RAG FAIR)
Movie: Mizuki, usumizu
Movie Direction: Scotch

About "aoppella!?"

"aoppella!?" is KLab's latest original multimedia music project built on the themes of "youth" and "a cappella"!



It was on that unforgettable day that the boys found themselves changed.
In front of them were ordinary high school students just like them. There were no flashy costumes or musical instruments.
But the moment they began to sing a surreal harmony filled the air and the crowd went wild.

"We want to sing like that! We want to shine, too!"

High school students captivated by the art of a cappella aim for the top in the exclusive high school a cappella contest, "Aoppella".
They try to perfect their pitch as the show is about to begin!

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