Love Live!
School Idol Festival
All Stars

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars

The global version of the biggest and best idol game is now available.

The ultimate live show made with 27 school idols.
The global version of Love Love! School Idol Festival All Stars is finally available on the App Store and Google Play!
The latest installment in the popular Japanese Love Live! series. A new story of realizing our dreams with you, "All Stars" begins worldwide!

Coach School Idols

Intermingle with school idols, encourage them, and listen to their worries so you become their number one supporter.
Newly acquired members that can only be seen here will be added frequently!
Not only can you train newly joined members to add energy to the live performances, outfits and voices that can be used in live performances will be added frequently along with new episodes!
Coach your own school idol group!

The stronger your bonds with the idols, the stronger their performances.

Live performances with RPG-like progress!

A rhythm action game where you progress through live performances like an RPG!
The members make their appeals in time with the notes! Raise the roof in the venue to the music and pull off a stunning performance together with the school idols!

Cheering them on during their performance is the secret to their success!

Scenes completely recreated as "3D live events."

Those famous songs from the TV animation as well as the game’s opening theme, songs from the soundtrack, and formation dances appear in the game in 3D!

A story with lots of content!

The three groups come together to make this thrilling story!
The members from μ’s (pronounced as Muse), Aqours, and the Nijigasaki High School Idol Club come all together to perform.
There are also tons of touching episodes including long-awaited stories of fans who cross the fences between groups and moments where you bond the members who will reveal more of their character just for you!

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