Please Note the Following

About This Site

The information contained on this site is subject to change without prior notice.

About the Booth

In the event that a large number of guests visit the KLabGames booth simultaneously, the following measures may be taken in order to ease booth traffic issues and improve the overall experience of everyone at the convention.

- We may ask you to provide ID that allows us to confirm your age for games with an age restriction.
- Details of booth attractions, the content thereof, and event times are subject to change without prior notification.
- Limitations on participation numbers and booth entry may be enacted and removed as necessary for game demo corners or other booth attractions.
- If deemed necessary, queue tickets may be distributed without prior notification. In such an event, tickets are only valid for the day on which they are issued. Tickets will be distributed in order. Once all the day's tickets are gone, no more tickets will be issued for that day. The transfer, sale, and/or exchange of these tickets is strictly forbidden. Guests found to be involved in the transfer, sale, and/or exchange of tickets will not be allowed to participate in game demo corners or other booth attractions.
- Guests found to be harassing or threatening to cause harm to other guests may be asked by booth staff members to leave the premises.
- We are unable to accept letters, gifts, and/or other items to be given to those appearing at the booth or livestreams.
- Please speak to a booth staff member immediately if you start to feel ill while at the booth or waiting to participate in a booth attraction.
- Free giveaway items and for-sale merchandise will only be available while supplies last.
- The times at which stage events, livestreams, and other attractions start and end may vary due to unforeseen circumstances. The content of and guests appearing in these events may change without prior notification.

Please Note the Following About Merchandise for Sale

- Please be aware that the design and shape of the items for sale may change.
- Please see the KLabGames Market corner at the booth for further details on each item.
- We have stock of each type of item prepared, but some items may sell out.
- Depending on sales, some items may become limited to a certain number of units per customer.
- Please follow the directions of the booth staff when in line.
- We will only exchange damaged goods if they were defective at the time of manufacture.
- Aside from defective items, there will be no returns or exchanges.
- The above rules may change at any time. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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