Social Initiatives

Social Initiatives

Initiatives Related to Customers

In distributing mobile online games globally, the company has implemented the following initiatives with the aim of ensuring that all users can enjoy them safely and securely, regardless of age, gender, race, nationality, etc.

Confirmation of Parental Consent When Purchasing Paid Items

In order to prevent underage users from paying high usage fees without parental permission, the company is taking measures such as displaying a parental consent confirmation screen when purchasing paid items.

KLab Initiatives for Safety and Security

For Parents and Guardians

Playin' Safe on Mobile (for Children)

Restrictions on Usage Amount for Minors

By inputting the year and month of birth when purchasing paid items, the company is working to limit the monthly usage according to the user's age.

Age Usage Amount Limit Per Month
Under the age of 14 5,500 yen
Between the age of 14~17 11,000 yen

Prohibition of Fraudulent Activities Such as Real Money Trading (RMT)

In all the games the company provides, real money trading is prohibited, which deals with game IDs and items that have monetary value instead of real money, and advertising, notifying, and soliciting real money trading to other users. The company will take measures such as suspension of use and forced withdrawal from the service for users who have committed violations such as these or acts that are judged to be inappropriate within the service.

Prevention of Inappropriate Posting

In order to limit the use and posting of inappropriate expressions, the company is working to block them in advance.

Awareness Activities Related to Rules, etc.

The company has established the Terms of Use for its games so that all users can use them with peace of mind.
In addition, the company is creating awareness for rules and manners for its games.

Clear Statement of the Privacy Policy

The company complies with laws and guidelines regarding the protection of personal information, and when using the services, the company will post the information obtained from users and the purpose of use as a privacy policy in-game and on the official company website.

Cooperation with Industry Groups

The company participates in various industry associations in order to create an environment where users can enjoy games with peace of mind and to develop a healthy industry.

Initiatives Related to Human Resources

The company believes that providing a work environment where all employees can enjoy working at the company and fully demonstrating their abilities, as well as support for human resource development, will eventually contribute to the growth of its business, and the company is implementing various initiatives. Please refer to Working Environment and Culture for information on welfare initiatives.

Stipulation of the Company Culture (KLab Values) and Code of Conduct

The company has stipulated the image it aims to achieve for the company culture. At the same time, the company has established a code of conduct, and through efforts to further employee understanding of the contents of the code, the company is promoting the improvement of organizational cooperation and speeding up decision-making, and is working to further growth of its business.

KLab Values

Go Beyond Expectations
Pursue quality beyond expectations and keep raising the bar.
Dream Team
Gathering experts to realize greater things.
Take Calculated Challenges
Consider all possibilities for the next challenge.
Extra Effort for Less Stress
Systemize and optimize to make our future better.
Let's Talk!
Understand each other so we can work together to achieve our essential goals.

Code of Conduct

  1. 1 Have multiple hypotheses, logically verify and execute
  2. 2 Question common sense and precedent
  3. 3 Understand the goals and objectives and implement it for work
  4. 4 Think fast, act fast
  5. 5 Share information as fast as possible
  6. 6 Challenge without fear of failure
  7. 7 Invest time and effort in organizing
  8. 8 Speak and listen respectfully
  9. 9 Suggestions over criticism, action over suggestions
  10. 10 Keep time and promises

Initiatives Related to Recruitment and Training

At the company, human resources in specialized occupations such as engineers, designers, producers, and directors play a central role in new development and long-term operation to support its business.
For stable business operation, in addition to such expertise, the company believes that it is important to acquire personnel who fit the business content and culture so that they can play an active role in the company over the long term.
Therefore, in the hiring process for mid-career and new graduates, the company is hiring with an emphasis on the above.
In addition, even after joining the company, an onboarding period is set up for both mid-career and new graduates, and provides appropriate follow-up through basic training and measures.
In addition, the company will continue to improve its technical skills and support the acquisition of knowledge to maintain a high level of expertise, through the introduction of e-learning services where the knowledge required for business operations can be learned, and through leadership training. The company is also focusing on efforts related to personnel development, such as support for skill improvement.

Data Related to Employees

2020 2021 2022
Employee / Management Ratio by Attributes
(Gender / Nationality)
Male / Female 7:3
Foreign Nationality 9:1
Male / Female 10:0
Foreign Nationality 10:0
Male / Female 7:3
Foreign Nationality 9:1
Male / Female 10:0
Foreign Nationality 10:0
Male / Female 7:3
Foreign Nationality 9:1
Male / Female 10:0
Foreign Nationality 10:0
Ratio of Female Managers 12.5% 13.3% 12.3%
Paid Vacation Acquisition Rate 68.3% 76.2% 81.0%
Turnover Rate 5.8% 7.8% 11.6%
Childcare Leave Return Rate 100% 92% 100%
Number of Employees Taking Childcare Leave by Gender Male:3
Employment Rate of Persons with Disabilities 1.57% 1.64% 2.68%
Gender Wage Gap 93.3% 93.9% 94.7%

Data Related to New Graduate Hiring

New Graduate Hiring Count by Job Category 2020 2021 2022
Engineer 8 4 7
Designer 6 1 2
General Positions (Planning) 6 6 5

Initiatives Related to Local Communities

Contribution to Local Communities and Stakeholders

  • Donated to JFA YUME Field
  • Donated to Kumamoto prefecture July 2020 disaster-stricken area after heavy rainfall
  • Supported #PlayApartTogether
  • Continued sponsorship of Nankatsu SC since 2018 season

Support for the Development of the Next Generation of Creators and Engineers, and the Creation of a Foundation for the Information Technology Industry and Technological Innovation

  • Academic-industrial Partnership Project Machine Learning x Kyushu University
  • Employee presentations, exercise activities, etc. at events and universities
  • Presentation events organized by KLab such as KLabCreativeFes, KLab Tech meetup, etc.
  • Investments in startups
  • Contributions to Open Source Software
  • GameJam, etc

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