About KLab Global

In 2010, social interaction via the gaming platform made waves across the world. While originally begun in the United States, social gaming found its way to Japan, straight to eager developing minds and into consumers’ hearts.

In Tokyo, KLab Inc. has mastered the business and technology of successful social games for the Japanese market. Our game titles such as Shin Sengoku Buster, posted historic growth by hitting the one-million-users mark less than a year after release. The continued attention and great response from the Japanese market led KLab Inc. to take our business to the next level of worldwide scale by establishing KLab Global.

KLab Global’s fusion of expertise across continental regions marks the beginning of a multitude of possibilities for the future. With an outstanding advantage gained from skill and experience, KLab Global carries on from vision to execution with excellence that is distinctly its own.

Corporate Data

Company Name: KLab Global Pte. Ltd.
Address: Singapore

Message from the President

My vision of the future is what led me to build KLab Global. Early on, I knew I wanted to make a difference. In my younger years, I took inspiration from the legendary Ryoma Sakamoto and wanted to change Japanese politics. Mr. Sakamoto envisioned Japan without feudal trappings and was inspired by the Western ideal of having “all men created equal”. He wanted people to be free from confinement and restriction.

He knew that Japan was doing well on its own but he believed that in order to compete with industrial and technological advancements in the outside world, the Japanese people needed to adapt and modernize. Though I did not get into politics, I have kept his ideals through the years.

In order to succeed in business, one must first be able to build a system and understand how it works from within. When this is achieved and things have turned out well, the intelligent businessman will never rest on his laurels. Rather, he will get up, adapt to change and respond to new discoveries, all in the interest of furthering his success.

For the past years, KLab Inc. (Tokyo) has done very well in Japan. We have built a system, understood how it works (both inside and out) and have carved out our niche in the social gaming and smartphone industries.

While KLab Inc.’s success has made me happy, I am not content because I believe that if we remain in this position, we will be left behind and eventually lose. We must go out and compete because conquering the Japanese market is not the goal -- it’s the beginning.

Free from confinement and restrictions, KLab Global has combined the best across international regions, each playing their significant part. With our extensive experience and new partnerships, I am confident that we stand on firm ground. After we have championed the development of social games and smartphone applications, we’re taking on a whole new game... on to the future and eventually, even beyond…

Tetsuya Sanada

Tetsuya Sanada