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“Bleach: Brave Souls” Reaches 20 Million Downloads Worldwide

Celebrates with Events and Rewards for Players
KLab Inc.
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Tokyo, Japan – March 22, 2017 – KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced that its hit 3D action game Bleach: Brave Souls reached a total of 20 million downloads* worldwide on Thursday, March 2. A special series of in-game events will be held to celebrate this important milestone in the game’s history.

Worldwide 20 Million Downloads Celebration

Bleach: Brave Souls is a 3D hack-and-slash title based on Bleach, the popular manga series adapted into an internationally acclaimed anime by Studio Pierrot. In this full-scale action game, players take control of their favorite characters and fight their way through familiar storylines from the anime.

* Total includes users who have downloaded the game more than once.

20 Million Worldwide Downloads Celebration!

Event Period: Wednesday, March 22 to Friday, March 31 (UTC+9)

Thanks for playing!

Round One - Receive Up to 100 FREE Spirit Orbs

Players will be given 10 Spirit Orbs every day during the celebration. Bleach fans can take this generous opportunity to stock up on Spirit Orbs that can be used to Summon new characters in the game.

Round Two - 20 Million Downloads Power-Up Pack

The commemorative 20 Million Downloads Power-Up Pack will contain Hogyoku used for awakening characters, as well as Crystals, Jewels, and other items useful for powering up your favorite characters and Accessories.

Pack Contents
Hogyoku                        3
Large Crystals/Jewels     20 of each kind
Medium Crystals/Jewels 100 of each kind
Small Crystals/Jewels     200 of each kind
★1 Power-Up Hearts      20
★2 Power-Up Hearts      10
Coins                             2,000,000

* Players will be awarded only one 20 Million Downloads Power-Up Pack per account during the event period.

Round Three - Mega Raid Festival

The celebration extends to Raids as well. In addition to regular Raids, players will be able to test their mettle with extra ★5 Raids available 24 hours a day during the period. To further add to the excitement, extra clear points will be awarded as an added bonus for clearing Raids.

Round Four - All Daily Quests Unlocked

The usual restrictions on Daily Quests have been lifted in celebration of the game’s latest achievement. Players will be able to take on any Daily Quest whenever they choose as long as their Soul Tickets hold out. This presents an excellent opportunity to stock up on Jewels and Crystals essential for powering-up characters.

Round Five - Super Extra Quests

Super Extra Quests will be unleashed in celebration of the game reaching 20 million downloads worldwide. Compared to standard quests, these special quests allow characters to gain more EXP in a shorter amount of time.

Round Six - 20 Million Downloads Celebration Orders

Complete the exclusive Orders for the 20 Million Downloads Celebration to receive ★3 Power-Up Hearts, ★4 Power-Up Hearts, Summons Tickets, and more!

Round Seven - Exclusive 20 Million Downloads Celebration Packs on Sale

As an added touch, limited-time 20 Million Downloads Celebration Packs will be available for purchase inside the game.* These exclusive packs include a ★5 guaranteed Summons Ticket (20 Million DL edition) and one of every Book of Secrets, rare items used to unlock powerful Accessories’ hidden potential!

Pack Contents
★5 guaranteed Summons Ticket (20 Million DL edition)
142 Spirit Orbs + 28 Free Spirit Orbs
1 of every Book of Secrets

* Price varies by country/region.

Round Eight - Character Slots Expanded

To celebrate this special milestone, the maximum number of character slots will be expanded to 800. Every player will also receive 20 free extra character slots as a special gift.

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About Bleach

Bleach: Brave Souls is based on Bleach, a popular Japanese manga featured in Shueisha’s landmark comic anthology, Weekly Shonen Jump, until issue #38 of 2016. The series premiered in 2001, quickly gaining a dedicated fan base and selling a total of over 90 million copies of the 74-volume manga series. Bleach has become a powerful media franchise, spawning an animated television series that ran from 2004 to March 2012, and a total of four feature-length films that have been released in theaters to date. The series’ popularity extends beyond Japan to an international audience, where it continues to find new fans and dedicated followers around the world.

Bleach: Brave Souls Overview

Bleach: Brave Souls
Supported OSes:
Android™ 4.0+, iOS 6.0+
* Not available on some devices.
3D Action
Release Date:
July 23, 2015
Free-to-play (In-app purchases available)
Official Website:
Official Twitter Account:
Official Facebook Page:
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* Added "Round Eight - Character Slots Expanded" at 2:45 pm on March 22, 2017 (Japan Time).

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