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KLab Establishes “KLab Food&Culture,” a New Subsidiary for Exporting Japanese Cuisine and Culture

First “Ramen Arena” Opens in Shanghai in December 2016

Tokyo, Japan – November 8, 2016 – KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced today the establishment of KLab Food&Culture, Inc., a new subsidiary founded to focus on the exportation of Japanese cuisine and culture to the world. The company’s first food-centric theme park, known as the “Ramen Arena,” will open in Shanghai, China on December 19, 2016.

Interior Plans for the Ramen Arena

KLab Food&Culture: Background and Goals

KLab has garnered the most success by developing and operating mobile games based on Japanese manga and anime. With its games available worldwide, the company operates on a global scale, and has gained extensive experience in localization and marketing for markets around the world. These games have amassed over 20 million downloads outside of Japan alone.

The company also has extensive experience in establishing and managing local offices in China, the United States, Philippines and Singapore. This experience has made KLab an expert of registering new companies, labor laws, taxation laws and other vital aspects of international business.

On the other hand, ramen restaurants and other smaller-scale businesses with a primary focus on Japanese cuisine and culture lack business experience in the international field. KLab Food&Culture was created to meet the very needs of these businesses. The new subsidiary will take the knowledge and expertise KLab has gained in localization, marketing, labor laws, taxation laws, and partner with small and local businesses in Japan to help them export Japanese cuisine and culture to the world.

In the future, the company plans to diversify its portfolio by exporting other aspects of Japanese culture. KLab Food&Culture will start by focusing on taking top-tier ramen restaurants to the world by opening “Ramen Arena,” or food-centered theme parks in locations across the globe.

“Ramen Arena” Business

KLab Food&Culture’s Ramen Arena business focuses on selecting leasing prime real estate property in promising locations around the world. The company then sets up the interior, kitchen and other facilities necessary for restaurants to operate before subleasing these properties to tenants (ramen restaurants).

The company will provide assistance in setting up new companies, staff recruitment, securing food suppliers, licensing, legal support and tax consultation services. KLab Food&Culture will also be in charge of marketing and promotions, as well as attracting customers to Ramen Arena locations.

Business Model

This low-risk, high-leverage business model allows KLab Food&Culture to maintain a profitable revenue stream solely from subleasing property. Revenue from the Ramen Arena business will be generated from the following two sources.

1. Revenue from subleasing property
 This business model centers on a steady stream of income unaffected by the popularity of individual shops.

2. Consulting income tied to tenant revenue
 Ramen Arena store tenants will change according to customer response and other business-related factors. The company will focus on maintaining continuity while attempting to maximize income from the consultation services it offers.

Ramen Arena

The first Ramen Arena is scheduled to open on December 19, 2016. Located in central Shanghai’s flagship shopping center “Joy City,” the facility will feature seven of Japan’s finest ramen restaurants, as well as seven kiosks specializing in the sale of “Cool Japan” merchandise.

Facility Name:
Ramen Arena (Local name: 拉麺競技館)
December 19, 2016
Shanghai Joy City 7F, 166 North Xizang Rd., Zhabei District, Shanghai, China
Total Area:
Seating Capacity:
322 customers
Business Hours:
10 am to 10 pm

Participating Restaurants (Not in order)

(From top left) Honda Shouten, Kichijoji Musashiya, Furano Tomikawa, Menya TAKEICHI,
Uchouten Evolution,Ebisoba Ichigen, Seaburano Kami

* Contact Info for businesses interested in the Ramen Arena and other potential partners: contact@klabfoodandculture.jp

Future Franchising Opportunities

The first Ramen Arena in Shanghai will be directly owned and operated by KLab Group. Plans for future Ramen Arenas will involve working with large-scale shopping facilities and other potential partners interested in franchising opportunities.

Initial costs and financial investments will be made by the franchisee, after which the subleasing revenue will be shared by the franchisee and KLab Food&Culture. Revenue streams for KLab Food&Culture are centered on subleasing revenue and income from consultation services.

About KLab Food&Culture

Founded on August 8, 2016, KLab Food&Culture, Inc. is headquartered in Tokyo and led by CEO Mamo Negishi. The company was created to assist Japanese businesses with establishing overseas operations, and offers consultation services for food industry partners. KLab Food&Culture is a subsidiary company owned by KLab Inc. (70%) and Food Marketing Asia Inc. (30%).

About Food Marketing Asia (FMA)

Food Marketing Asia Inc. (FMA) is headquartered in Tokyo and led by CEO Masaru Matsumoto. With a focus on the restaurant industry, FMA also offers exceptional restaurant operation outsourcing services. The FMA Group boasts extensive industry experience in establishing restaurants in major shopping centers in Shanghai, as well as the franchising industry. The company currently operates 12 Japanese restaurants in Shanghai.

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About KLab

KLab is a leader in online mobile gaming. Founded in 2000 and headquartered in Tokyo, the company is listed on the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. KLab has consistently ranked as one of the top 50 grossing game publishers worldwide since 2012. With its emphasis on quality and innovative games, KLab continues to grow at a rapid pace, expanding beyond the Japanese market with offices in Singapore, Shanghai, and the United States. For more information about KLab, please visit http://www.klab.com/jp/english/.