KLab Inc.


Board of Directors

Tetsuya Sanada, President and CEO
Tetsuya Sanada,
President and CEO

A restless entrepreneur, Tetsuya Sanada founded several companies across a variety of fields while still a college student at Kwansei Gakuin University. In 1989, he started up a content provider based on voice and fax using Dial Q2, a premium-rate telephone number service also touted as the predecessor of the popular i-mode mobile internet service. 1997 saw Sanada joining the company ACCESS, where he contributed to i-mode's initial design, in addition to browser development. In 1998, he created CYBIRD, a company focused on various mobile media, of which he was the Vice President and CTO. Come 2000, Sanada set up yet another company, this time to serve as a mobile software R&D branch for CYBIRD, known as KLab (called "K Laboratory" at the time). Sanada has maintained the position of KLab CEO ever since.

Yousuke Igarashi, Executive Vice President and COO
Yousuke Igarashi,
Executive Vice President and COO

While earning a master's degree at Keio University's Graduate School of Media and Governance, Igarashi freelanced at various major companies developing applications and overseeing network design. In 2000, he began work at Visionarts, Inc., designing system architecture for serving content to consumers, as well as handling project management. August, 2003, saw his induction into KLab (then known as "K Laboratory"). Igarashi had long admired positions closer in distance to clients and end users, and he was put in charge of research and development, supervising various projects while building a comprehensive tool library. In 2005, June, he was promoted to the role of Director.

Hidekatsu Morita, Senior Managing Director and CGO
Hidekatsu Morita,
Senior Managing Director and CCO

After graduating Hosei University's Faculty of Social Sciences, Morita entered the fields of web design and mobile content production, joining KLab (called "K Laboratory" at the time) in 2002. At KLab, Morita created a multitude of various mobile content, as well as oversaw its post-launch maintenance. The mastermind behind a slew of hits, he was promoted to a managerial role in 2007, eventually climbing up to branch manager in 2008. From 2009, Morita began supervising development of various social apps. In December of the same year, the subsidiary company KLabGames was born, specializing exclusively in social apps, of which Morita was appointed Director. In 2010, KLabGames merged with its parent company, resulting in Morita becoming a KLab corporate officer, while retaining an executive role in the KLabGames branch. In November 2010, he was promoted to Director.
* CCO: Chief Content Officer

Kazuyuki Takata, Managing Director and CFO
Kazuyuki Takata,
Managing Director and CFO

Joined Nihon Keiei K.K. in April 2002. While there, he engaged in management consulting work that covered various industries and business styles in both the public and private sectors. In May of 2008 he joined Bering Point Inc. (currently part of PriceWaterhouseCoopers). While there, he was a consultant that handled IFRS, J-SOX, BPR, and cost-cutting for large-scale banks and manufacturers. He entered KLab in September of 2010. He is part of the Management Planning Department, supervising management strategy, stock price release preparation, M&A, and equity finance. In April 2012 he was appointed to Head of Business Administration, and became a company executive in September of the same year. He was appointed as a company director in March of 2014.

Shoji Inoue,
Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
(Outside Director)

After graduating from Law School at Kyoto University, Shoji Inoue joined Sumitomo Bank (presently known as Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) in 1984. He registered with the Daiichi Tokyo Bar Association in 2000. Shoji joined Mercury General LPC & Partners in 2009, where he continues to practice law. In 2004, he was appointed as an outside director by the Longreach Group. He was named an outside company auditor at KLab Inc. in 2008, a position he still holds. Shoji has served as an external director and auditor for multiple companies throughout his career.

Masaki Yoshida,
Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
(Outside Director)

A graduate of Tokyo University's Faculty of Law, Masaki Yoshida began working for Fuji Television Network in 1983, heading a number of illustrious projects. Departing Fuji Television in 2009, he founded YoshidaMasaki Inc. Currently a director at SBI Holdings Inc., outside director of KLab Inc., outside director of Giga Media Inc., and consultant to Dream Link Entertainment Inc. — Yoshida commands great respect across a wide range of media and IT fields.

Kosuke Matsumoto,
Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
(Outside Director)

Kosuke Matsumoto joined his first venture while he was still a law student at Kyoto Sangyo University. He founded Time Table Information Service Co. in 1998, rising to the position of Representative Director the following year. In 2004, Kosuke became a Director at Zappallas, Inc.. The company listed on the Mothers Board of the Tokyo Stock Exchange in 2005. Zappallas succeeded in moving up to the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange a year later. Kosuke joined Enish, Inc. as an Executive Officer in 2011 in charge of the head administrative division, the same position he currently holds. Enish listed on the Mothers Board in 2012, then moved to the 1st Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange the following year.